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Avalon paper story started in 2010 at Istanbul with a

co opearation of two University friends.  One of him was coming from a family which was in fine paper business since 1980 and made the distrubition of well know paper mills and the other one was coming from a chemical engineering and sales family business since 1979 and the co opeation of this two friend finally came to life with a premium pearlescent,metallic, speciality paper and boards.

Avalon Paper maintains an excellent technological quality content and keeps on investing into research and development to innovate, to produce original paper and to give an immediate feedback to client requirements keeping always up with trends.

Through an increasingly flexible production, Avalon Paper  has developed a wide portfolio of products which includes embossed paper, metallic and iridescent  paper and finally innovative paper with special effects that reflect the tactile and visual sensation.

Besides our product range, it is also possible to ask for personalised paper in terms of colour, weight, embossing and any other desired product.

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